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1 July 2014 will see the toughest law come in to play in Canada. The law is known as Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation and it even have dedicated website to show how serious the Canadians are when it comes to dealing with the ever increasing malware and spam. As an IT Specialist, I really love the idea. Its about time some of the laws must enforced. How can people go about phishing and sending unsolicited emails. The message to the spammers is loud and clear. It is a new dawn. You cannot do it inside the bounds of Canada. I know this is a drop in the ocean when it comes to reducing spam, but rest the world is watching with keen interest. 

  • Organisations can be fined for up to $10 000 000.00 for violating the law. 
  • Individuals violated can institute action against perpetrators and there is $200 fine per offence

For more details on the Canadas Anti Spam Legislation click here


I had no idea that I was this reckless, i have opened more than 18 concurrent shells on this server. This is the latest error exchange 2010 decided to throw back at me. What does it mean? Well the answer is also straight forward. You have 18 powershell windows running under your username in your environment. You are probably asking yourself, 18 concurrent shells, who in the world put 18, why 18.


Some errors are just plain stupid. I wonder how the system generates an error which is presented to the user. Perhaps someone out there has the answer. Today I had a request from a fellow colleague whose application failing to connect to exchange using IMAP Protocol. In an effort to help out, I requested the colleague to test by configuring outlook to retrieve the emails using IMAP. This seemed to be simplest test to determine if IMAP was really having problems...

SO today was hectic day for me. It started off as regular day where i get to talk to colleagues and work through the usual daily problems. I cannot say much about the end of the day. It was just the opposite where i was battling to finish all my tasks that had suddenly skyrocketed. All of them very critical. But this one task caught my attention and deserves a write up. I have never written powershell script to handle outlook emails. In this case, i needed to process a folder with close to 300,000 items and move or copy them to another folder. Where to start, anybodys guess GOOGLE. lets begin...

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