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I noticed recently that when opening my Outlook Web App, it defaulted to the Light theme. I had read previously that Light Version is used if you set your Outlook Web App for low vision. Toggling the settings and clearing the cached content was supposed to fix it. To my surprise this solution no longer worked. In fact it was only applicable to users who had selected the option at one time or another. Below is the light theme which is dull




I googled for a solution and soon found a solution from Microsoft detailed here.
As per Microsoft, the causes have now been updated to include the following


  • Your web browser doesn't support Outlook Web Access Premium.
  • The Outlook Web Access accessibility option (for the visually impaired) is selected.
  • You are using Internet Explorer 11 to access Outlook Web Access, and compatibility mode is not enabled


In my case,  Iam now using Internet explorer 11 and compatibility mode was not enabled for the webmail url. Following the steps below resolved my issue


  •     In Internet Explorer 11, press F10 to display the menu bar.


  •     Click Tools, and then click Compatibility View settings.


  •     Add the Outlook Web Access site to the list of sites to be displayed in Compatibility View.

When done just click close. Close your browser and reopen. You may have to clear cached content before this works.

Below is my happy Outlook Web App in internet explorer


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