Outlook addin are a common source source headaches for IT Support. In my world, I get asked the same questions over and over again. Sometimes differently but in the end it is the same question. Lync Online Meeting Addin and Zantaz EAS addin generates so may calls for our team. Microsoft has tried to address the addin issues in all the editions of Microsoft Office. However troubleshooting why an addin does not load remains something of black magic. May be later this will be demystified. For now the steps below may help. After all in most cases the latest versions of outlook disables any addin that misbehaves in a way that threatens the outlook user experience.


To enable Outlook add-ins that keeps getting disabled follow the steps below

1. Close Outlook  and try to uninstall & reinstall the given add-in.

If the problem persists then  and add-in is still disabled, try these additional steps:

1. Close Outlook and uninstall the given Outlook add-in from your Control Panel.

2. open your Windows registry (run regedit.exe) Navigate to the following key:

For Office 2013


For Office 2010


3. Delete the following Reg entries 

DisabledItems and CrashingAddinList: