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The most important part, also called the Central Processing Unit or CPU, is a box that includes many pieces that are not particularly relevant to us at this time. These pieces, inside of the box, perform the jobs of the computer. One of the assignments of this unit is to join all the other pieces connected to it. Another job of this unit is to perform calculations, exactly the same types of calculations you were performing in primary school, except that this box can handle them very (extremely) fast, so fast that there is no human being who can match that speed. Besides the calculations, this unit also performs other assignments that it receives from various sources including you and the external units that are connected to the CPU.



The Monitor

The monitor is the video display you will be looking at, most of the time, to evaluate your work, find out whether the assignments are being carried out satisfactorily. A monitor is largely controlled by some pieces of hardware inside of the computer. But the monitor itself is mainly used to display your work in a graphical setting you can easily interpret. To display what is going on with the computer, the monitor is connected to the computer using a cable. The connection is usually done from the back of both machines:

Monitors come in different sizes. The (most important) size of the monitor is measured diagonally on the screen and is given in inches:

Based on this, monitors range in sizes of 12", 14", 15", 17", 19", 21", 24', or 29", etc. Monitors are also characterized by the flatness of their screen. The flatter and the wider screens are usually the better.



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