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Lync is a brilliant application. Its just that good. I was touched by a recent comment from one of our Lync Users. The comment was "Can you imagine life without Lync?"  For lync fanatics this means a lot. For anyone who is this much in love with Lync, if it fails to log on then you can imagine the comments and questions that follows...


The most important part, also called the Central Processing Unit or CPU, is a box that includes many pieces that are not particularly relevant to us at this time. These pieces, inside of the box, perform the jobs of the computer. One of the assignments of this unit is to join all the other pieces connected to it. Another job of this unit is to perform calculations, exactly the same types of calculations you were performing in primary school, except that this box can handle them very (extremely) fast, so fast that there is no human being who can match that speed. Besides the calculations, this unit also performs other assignments that it receives from various sources including you and the external units that are connected to the CPU.


The computer as we know it is a group of pieces of hardware put together to  get a job done faster. To accomplish its various tasks, the computer is made of different parts, each serving a particular purpose in conjunction with other parts. You don't necessarily need to know how these parts operate, at least not at this time, but you should be aware of their co-dependence to take advantage of their various characteristics.

Information Technology (IT) professionals require training to stay proficient in their occupational field. More often than not, not only training is required, but constant refreshing with up-to-date materials is essential.

With the ever-expanding world of computers this can not be over-stated or over-emphasized. Just as other professionals in other fields run into a dilemma with time constraints, so do IT professionals.


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