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So on Saturday, the scam artists have hatched a new scam. They are now sending domain owners final notices to renew their domain names. The scam looks legit as they are making use of publicly  available information for domain owners. Upon receiving gathering your domain details they are crafting an email such as this one and sending it to the domain owner. A few things are odd in this day and age such as, first, they want you to complete and form and fax it to a US number, secondly they have never communicated with you before, their communication starts with a final notice. Quick search on the net yielded results which showed that con artists are back with this new trick.. So be warned before you fax or renew with these artists.

Do not be intimidated, learning can be challenging, but with the right tools and support system, learning can just be a breeze. Basic Math can be complicated and confusing for beginners.

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