If you ever wanted to present PowerPoint in Lync, then chances are, you know its possible. How about presenting Video into the Lync Online Meeting or Lync call? Well this is not possible, oops, You can play the video and share your screen or Media Player application. The remote party will get the video. So its actually possible but the remote party or meeting participants get lousy video quality that constantly peels every second. The quality of the picture is not that great. However after investing sometime into this topic, I figured a way to make this possible. If you are looking a commercial solution and have a budget for it then the following solutions are worth considering.

The Solution

The solution involves using software based camera or audio virtual devices like Virtual Audio Cable and ManyCam which you can install. Virtual Devices install software based simulators for specified hardware devices. The virtual devices allows the operating system to load and playback audio or video.

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