In my daily routines, I found myself with a need to uninstall Exchange 2010 from a server. Exchange installation failed to install properly forcing me to uninstall it. As it turns the uninstall is a long winding process which is neither documented nor supported by Microsoft. The steps below are steps which i followed to get Exchange Server uninstalled manually. 

I monitor my exchange mail queues regularly. I noticed recently that mails destined for our sharepoint site were no longer being delivered.  The queue log showed an error 452 4.4.2 Mailbox Full. Iam no sharepoint geek,  I struggled to put this error into perspective. It then dawned on me that Exchange does send emails using SMTP, therefore exchange had to pass emails on to another SMTP server. Armed with this information I set out to look for the SMTP server/Application used by Sharepoint. I realized that SharePoint runs on IIS, therefore there was a possibility of the IIS having SMTP Virtual Server. I checked the settings for the virtual server. Below are the settings found.

I have come across a number of outlook webmail users who fail to set their default languages when logging in for the first time.  I have also found myself looking at screen below and wondering how exchange decided to print question marks (??????) when you run certain commands. If this sound like your problem then read on


Sendmail allows administrators to create a blackhole system where emails just disappear without a trace. There are times when you want to create one. I have no idea what your ultimate goal might be. But in my case, I needed to drop emails sent by the administrator to a particular mailbox. Im

Recently we decommissioned one of our Exchange Servers. The server exchange server was a unified messaging role server. Being a unified messaging server, we never imagined running into issues. However a few days later we found ourselves faced with a situation where some of support staff unable to open the exchange management console hosted on our citrix servers. In fact the console was opening and was trying to connect to a remote exchange CAS server.  As we know when you open Exchange Management Console, it will generally connect to an Exchange CAS server in the same AD site. The error displayed is indicated shown below


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