Lync mobile,

  • Lync 2010 Mobility broken - Event ID 1309

    Today my Lync mobility was broken. I simply could not connect to Lync on my mobile device. I was baffled because some users could connect.  A closer look revealed that users that were connected were most on a different Lync Pool. I enabled logging on my device and tried again and the I send myself the diagnostic logs from Android Device. Below is the clue to the problem preventing me from using Lync Mobile

  • Lync 2010 Mobility Policy

    Lync mobility mobility policy provides you with a way to control lync on mobile devices. I have had Lync mobility working for a while now and my users have been very happy. Except when one group is happy, there is a another group which is unhappy. What could possibly make someone unhappy with Lync mobile? Well several things actually...

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