That is right! You heard right. Want to learn about hardware load balancers or do you want to just to try something on a hardware load balancer. Kemp Technologies has good news for you, they are now offering a free NFR KEMP VLM-2000 NFR license. That means you don't have to imagine how it would work when a hard balancer is thrown into the mix. There is only one condition! You must be holding a Microsoft Certified Professional certification. Following the simple instructions below will get you a working Kemp Hardware Load Balancer in minutes...

Step 1 - Create yourself an Kemp ID on this url

Step 2 Confirm your email address

Step 3. Download the Kemp Virtual HLB on this url

Step 4- Import and Start your VM. Once started,You can log in with username bal password 1fourall

step 5 -  Once logged in - Request your trial licence.  You will need to use the email address and password create above to log in to the Kemp Website.

Step 6 - Request your licence key on this url.

Step 7 - Happy learning and testing with Kemp HLB. When done testing or learning, you can support Kemp all the way...